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100% made from rice and corn according to food production standards, pure grain production,gluten-free ingredients,safe and hygienic, available for pregnant women and children.
Eco-friendly, compostable, 100% biodegradable in nature.

Typ Flat cut,insert cut
Material Corn,Rice(partially added food coloring)
Größe Length:80mm-240mm(±5mm)  Diameter:5mm-12mm(±0.5mm)
Unterstützung der Anpassung
Verpackungs-Details Zippered bag(100PCS/Bag) or (Customizable)
200mm * 5mm  1*60 bales per box (6000 pcs)  3.5g / pcs
200mm * 6mm  1*50 bales per box (5000 pcs)  4g / pcs
200mm * 8mm  1*40 bales per box (4000 pcs)  6g / pcs
200mm * 10mm  1*40 bales per box (4000 pcs)  8g / pcs
Anwendungsbereich Umweltfreundlicher biologisch abbaubarer Einweg-Kunststoffersatz
Serienmäßige Funktionen Gluten-free ingredients, water-resistance


Food production standards technology

After-use, it can be used as feed, compost, and kitchen waste disposal. It can be degraded naturally in 3-6 months in outdoor environment.

Neat uniform incision

Smoother incision, and our products are straighter than other straws on the market

Good water-resistance

The grade A straws can stay in iced water for 3 hours, in room temperature water for 2 hours and in warm water for 1 hour.