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Biologisch abbaubare Einkaufstasche

100% Biodegradable PBS/PBAT material, composted degradation within 180 days, the degradation process will not produce any harmful substances, can be truly non-toxic harmless. All of our products have passed the European EN13432 standard and the American ASTM D6400 standard test.

Material PBAT+PLA+Starch, containing 60% -70% PBAT, 15% PLA and 15%-35% starch.
Spezifikation 580*(380+180)*0.07mm
440 * 530 * 0.02mm
440 * 460 * 0.02mm
405 * 410 * 0.02mm
OEM printing Single-sided printing in four colors
Single-sided printing in one colors
One color on the front of shopping bags and one color on the back
Two colors on the front of shopping bags and one color on the back
Eine Farbe
Zertifizierung EN13432 standard, ASTM D6400 standard, FDA, American industrial BPI certification, Belgium VINCOTTE industrial composting and home composting certification, German DIN CERTCO industrial compost and household compost certification
Anwendungsbereich Umweltfreundlicher biologisch abbaubarer Einweg-Kunststoffersatz
Serienmäßige Funktionen BPA free, non-toxic, heat and cold resistant


● Biodegradable plastic bag can be used to produce different biodegradable plastic products and fight white pollution.Products made of PBS/ PBAT can be broken down by microorganism into carbon dioxide and water within required time. Organic fertilizer can be created under composting conditions.

The raw material, PBS/PBAT belong to thermoplastic biodegradable plastics with good ductility, elongation at break as well as heat resistance and impact resistance and biodegradability. Currently, it's one of the most industrialized and commercialized biodegradable polymers globally.